Over 60 Years Experience Selling Factory Direct Store Fixtures to Independent Retailers

Since 1952, Handy Store Fixtures have been manufacturing the highest quality store fixtures in the industry. We understand the reason small business retailers purchase store fixtures: to effectively move merchandise. With that in mind, each Handy Store Fixtures product is treated as a critical part of a total program designed to display merchandise to its best advantage: directing traffic flow, making consumer selection easier, encouraging impulse buying, reducing theft, and creating a pleasant shopping environment.

With production as streamlined as ours is today, Handy Store Fixtures professional integrity is based on a simple commitment made over 60 years ago: to provide independent retailers with the products and services that keeps small retail businesses growing. Our constant commitment to gondola shelving and retail store fixtures is your promise of a growing future.

Handy Store Fixtures understands opening a new retail location can have many obstacles.  We have sales representatives with over 30 years experience in working with start-ups like you every day.  If you need additional resources, explore this new website. You can find a lot of great information on local state and government programs for small businesses.

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Handy Business Guide to Retailing

The basic principles of retailing, attracting a selected group of consumers to an area with the desire or need to purchase goods, will relate to all your products. It works in other categories of retailing, shoe stores in a mall, car dealerships all in a row, and small gas station convenience marts.  After market customers will always react in a similar way, drive that extra distance for assurance of competition, creating both one stop shopping with competitive pricing. The one thing to remember about competition is, "all new retail locations cannot be carbon copies of each other selling the same goods and services using the same gondola fixtures layout." When car dealerships open in close proximity they are giving the consumer a choice of brand names, makes, models, even new or used. Remember that in general, aftermarket stores sell both generic products and branded products that are highly advertised and competitively priced.

Retailing or merchandising all begins at the front door when customers first walk into your business looking at the gondola shelving in your store. You can't sell anything, give it away, or even create good or bad will with a customer until they make initial contact with you. High visibility, such as being located in a mall or a prominent street location creates the important opportunity to be recognized and remembered. Recognition as a retailer becomes most important when there is a lot of competition. When mall location is on Main Street and your store is the only one in town, the sign out front should say, "Joe's Wine & Liquors" that would be perfectly sufficed. Most likely in reality, there are more than one store in town. Then why stop in at Joe's, when Pete's or Sandy's may be just as good satisfying customer demands?

Position you store and create an image with your retail shelving that sets you apart from the other similar retail businesses. Of course, every store cannot be all things to everybody. Determine your strong points and stress them, not only in your merchandising, but everywhere within the store. This would include advertising, customer service, signing, and even a store title that suggests your specialty. When you position yourself as the best in a specialty area, this sets you aside from the others; it gives you the edge that is required. Consumers need help when selecting a retail business in which to make their shopping selections. They are looking to you, the retailer, to tell them where to purchase a particular item or service and not be dissatisfied when they follow your suggestion. As a merchandiser, I feel that a retail store location, regardless if it's on a Main Street. or a corner alley, in a mall or on a highway, can crate profits for your business if it is presented to the consumer in such a way to get them to want to have contact with you the retailer. What is inside your store is secondary to the problem of actually getting a potential consumer to walk into your location browsing your products on the store shelving.