About Us

The Sales Representatives at Handy Store Fixtures understands completely the one reason independent retailer purchase store fixtures: to effectively move merchandise. With that in mind, each Handy product is treated as a vital part of a total program aimed at displaying merchandise to its best advantage: directing traffic flow, making consumer selection easier, encouraging impulse buying, reducing theft, and creating a pleasant shopping environment.

From all over the United States, Handy Store Fixtures currently supports the sales efforts of thousands of retail outlets, in the areas of store fixture production, designing custom store displays, warehouse shelving, woodwork, installation, and interior store planning consultation. By surpassing industry standards, we've positioned ourselves ahead of the competition, and we pass on to our clients that same competitive edge for each of their respective retail business.

The family at Handy Store Fixtures strives to deliver you not only a superior product, but smoother operations for your expanding business as well. That's why Handy Store Fixtures gondola fixtures are made for easy installation, adaptation to floor plan alterations, and visual compatibility with other retail store fixtures.

With production as streamlined as ours is today, Handy Store Fixtures professional integrity is based on a simple commitment made over 60 years ago: to provide our customers with the products and services that keep retail businesses growing. For more information regarding Handy Store Fixtures, please click here to visit us on our corporate website.

Handy Store Fixtures has been expertly manufacturing gondola shelving for over 50 years. The products in which we create are strong and adaptable. But at Handy Store Fixtures, gondolas are not the entire story. We also sell gondola accessories, custom woodwork, and much more. Handy Store Fixtures outfits every kind of independent retail operation.  Between home centers, pharmacies, liquor, sporting goods, convenience, automotive part stores we offer a complete line of steel shelving products and retail displays.